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Title Instrumentation Recording Score Video
Sea Fever
Voices; Orchestra
Voices; Orchestra
Children's voices, Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, Bass, Drums
Still, still, still
Two solo voices and orchestra
24 Preludes for Piano
Solo Piano
Land of the Tiger
Piano solo
Il Gladiatore
Solo Voice and Orchestra
Solo Voice and Orchestra
Anfonaf Angel
Solo Voice and Orchestra
O Sole Mio
Solo Voice and Orchestra
Va Pensiero
Solo Voice and Orchestra
Piano solo
Back in Harmony
Voices and Orchestra
In The City
Children's voices, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass and Drums
G'day from Oz
Full Orchestra
There is sweet music here
SATB Choir and Piano
In The Fast Lane
Trumpet and Piano
Back Chat
Trumpet and Piano
Trumpet and Piano
Four-part harmony for arrangers - the basics
In Harmony
Aled Jones, Russell Watson and Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra
How Great Thou Art
2 voices and orchestra
Hot Pursuit
Trumpet and Piano
The Jazz Violist
Viola and Piano
The Celtic Cousin
Viola and Piano
The Skiffle Group Song
Children's choir, Piano, Bass, Drums, Trumpet and Saxophone
The Eternal Optimist
Viola and Piano
Weaving A Spell
Piano Solo
Spike Milligan
Trumpet with Piano Accompaniment
The Party Animal
Viola and Piano
Radio Roulette
Brass Band
The Big Bang
Children's voices with small instrumental ensemble.
The Go-Getter
Viola and Piano
Voices plus Brass Quintet (Brass Band OR Orchestral...
Humoresque No 2 for Six Brass
2 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Tuba
Humoresque No 1 for Six Brass
2 Trumpets, 3 Trombones and Tuba
3 Canadian Snapshots for Warwick School Instrumental Ensembles
1. Woodwind and Strings 2. Brass 3. Woodwind, Brass,...
Ice, Snow and Mountains
Full Orchestra
Easy Piano Pieces
Solo Piano
Anniversary Overture
Symphony Orchestra: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in B...
Long Ago, Prophets Knew
Choir and Orchestra
Silent Night for Dom
Oboe, String Trio and Piano
O Little One Sweet - Christmas Lullabies for Orchestra
Full Orchestra
Happy (Yorkshire) Birthday
World War 1 Medley (orchestral version)
Chorus, Audience and Orchestra (;; Timps, 3...
World War 1 medley (piano or small ensemble version)
4 part chorus and either piano or small ensemble consisting...
SATB Choir and Piano (or ensemble of Flute, Flugel Horn,...
Ceremonies for Christmas
SATB Choir and Piano
The Three Kings
SATB Choir and Piano
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
SATB Choir and Piano
Trumpet and Piano
Arrangements for BBC's Songs of Praise
Publications by Brasswind Publications
Publications by Trinity College London
Fit for a King - Theme
Wind Quintet [Fl. Ob, Cl, Fg, FH]
String Quartet
String quartet
Jabberwocky - Suite for Orchestra
2222/4331/Timps, 2 Perc., Strings
Christmas Orchestral Music (1) - March and Ragtime on a French Christmas Tune
Orchestra 2222/ 4231, Timps, 2 percussion, strings
Christmas Orchestral Music (2) - Christmas Overture
Orchestra - 2222/ 4231 Timps, 2 percussion, strings
Christmas Orchestral Music (3) Good King Wenceslas arranged for Choir and/or Audience and Orchestra
Orchestra - 2222/ 4231 Timpani, Percussion, Voices, Strings
Christmas Orchestral Music (4) See Amid the Winter's Snow arranged for Choir and/or Audience and Orchestra
2222/ 4231 Timps, 2 Percussion, Voices, Strings
Christmas Orchestral Music (5) - Unto Us Is Born A Son arranged for Audience/Congregation and/or choir accompanied by full orchestra
2222/4231 Timps and 2 Percussion, Voices, Organ (optional),...
Christmas Orchestral Music (6) Away in a Manger arranged for Congregation/Audience and/or Children's Choir and Orchestra
2222/4331/Timps, Percussion/Harp, Piano*/ Voices/ Strings ...
Christmas Orchestral Music (7) - It Came Upon the Midnight Clear arranged for Choir and/or Audience/Congregation and Orchestra
2222/ 4331 Timpani, Percussion, Harp, Voices, Strings
Christmas Orchestral Music (8) - King Wenceslas Goes A-Wassailing and 2 Perc/Strings
Three Bagatelles
Two Pianos
Sonata for Brass (1. Jazz Impromptu)
4 trpts. (1 doubling piccolo), horn, 4 trombs., tuba.
Sonata for Brass (2. Ballade)
4 trpts. (1 doubling piccolo), horn, 4 trombs., tuba.
Sonata for Brass (3. Rondo)
4 trpts. (1 doubling piccolo), horn, 4 trombs., tuba
On the morning of Christ's nativity
Chorus and Piano (or Orchestra)
A Week to Christmas
Chorus and Piano (or Orchestra)
Chorus and Piano (or Orchestra).
Ring Out, Wild Bells
Chorus and Piano (or Orchestra)
A Jazz Sequence
Violin and Piano
Solo Piano
To A Child
SATB choir and Piano
Music on the Moon
Soprano, Violin and Piano
Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra
Orchestra(2222/4230/3 perc./strings) and Tuba solo
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Orchestra - (2222/2210/tenor sax./1 perc./strings) and Piano...
Little Suite for Young String Players
Violin 1, Violin 2, Cello (all at Grade 1 - 2 standard) with...
Chasing the Sun for Orchestra
2221/ 2220 Timps, 3 Percussion and Strings
The Ballad of Paul Revere
Children's Choir with Piano or School Orchestra
Sound Bites Timps and 2 Percussion/ Strings
Elegy and Toccata
Brass band
Moto Perpetuo
Flute, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone,...
Speak Ev'ry Man Truth
Treble Voices and Organ
3 Songs of William Blake
2 Sopranos, 2 Flutes, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drumkit
Music for the Film of the Book
Orchestra; 3232/ 4331 Timps, 2 Perc., Piano, Strings
The Young May Moon [Introduction & the Main Theme]
Brass Quintet
The Young May Moon [Variation 2]
Brass Quintet
Piano solo
Children's choir and Wind Band
Three Symphonic Moods for Orchestra Timps and 2 Percussion/ strings
Four Piece Suite
Flute, Oboe, Horn, Strings and Piano
Two Sharps Suite
Strings (grade 2-3) with Piano Bass and Drums
Tunes for Penny and Mitch's Orchestra
Beginner violins (open strings and first finger only!) with...
The Innkeeper's Song
Male Voice Choir and Piano
A Bit of a Blow for Wind Band
2 Fl, Ob, Bn, 3 Cl, Bass Cl (with alternative for Bari Sax),...
Joyful Sounds
Voices accompanied by a flexible 4 part woodwind and/or...
Three Spanish Carols
SSA choir and Harp or Piano
Piano solo
Those Dancing Days Are Gone
Soprano, Flute, Piano