Nicholas Peters - Horror Soundscape 1

Horror Soundscape 1


electric guitars, de-tuned grand piano, orchestral strings, woodwind and brass, timpani, cymbals and choir.

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Other Information

Synchronisation music suited to horror/suspense theme.

This composition would be ideally placed in any film/game/theatre/radio/TV show that requires the sounds of dark, atmospheric dystopian horror! Sci-fi creators would also find this composition useful in creating moody atmosphere and rising tension. Featuring all the trademarks of contemporary horror scoring, Horror Soundscape 1 includes the sounds of: layered electric guitar sustained bends, a de-tuned piano ostinato, deep string drone, low bass choir note slides (sung to the syllable-phoneme ‘mm’), atmospheric choir noises, overblown and multi-phonic woodwinds and brass, string note bends, a sustained violin playing a single note flageolet, a rolling timpani crescendo, a suspended cymbal crescendo, and all topped off with a deep BOOM! Prepare to bring your scene to life and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end!

Avaiable to license through AudioJungle and Pond5.