Margaret Vickery

Margaret Vickery was born in Reading and attended Kendrick Girls´ School where her favourite activity was singing in the school choir.  Her inspirational music teacher set her on a lifelong path of musical discovery which eventually culminated in composing her own works once retired from a scientific career.  As an amateur Margaret has not had the opportunities of a professional but her works have had some modest success, including the shortlisting by the spnm in 2003 of Songs of Earth and Sky for a cappella choir.  In 2004 she was a finalist in a soundtrack competition run by Channel 4 television in the West Midlands, and in 2005 and 2006 her works were shortlisted by the John Armitage Memorial committee. Now approaching her 80th birthday, Margaret is concentrating on song writing.


Performances include Dorset Sketches for string quartet and Pictures in a Landscape for wind orchestra in 2000 and Zodiac Circles, a set of 12 duets for violin written for two members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in 2003.  In 2004 the Frascati Trio of Bournemouth performed Contemplation, while in 2012 the Warwick & Kenilworth Choral Society with the Beauchamp Sinfonietta gave the premier of Day of Dreams in Leamington Spa.  In 2014 the same orchestra performed Fanfare for 60, written to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Warwick & Kenilworth Choral Society. In 2015 two songs, Summer Evening and Christmas Night were performed by the Stoneleigh Ladies Choir.


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