11/10/03 - CCA Choral works

Time: 7:30 PM

Date: 11/10/03


CCA Choral works

Fraser Noble Hall, Leicester

Tarot Conway - CCA Choral works

Other Information:

"An enjoyable showcase for impressive talents"

Kingfisher Chorale and Julian Hellaby
Fraser Noble Hall, Leicester, October 11th, 2003

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Tarot Conway - "Ave Maria"

Peter Crump - Hymn to God the Father

Peter Crump - Berceuse for piano solo

Andrew Downes - The Lord is my Shepherd

Andrew Downes - The Souls of the Righteous

Rosemary Duxbury - Angel Whisper (extract1, 2, 3)

Rosemary Duxbury - In the Masters Love

Terry Dwyer - Pleasure it is

David Fisher - Wedding Motets
1. My choice is made
2. Ave Maria
3. Omnia vincit amor

Sonja Grossner - Syrens

Raymond Head - Salve Regina

Clement Jewitt - Invocations to Archangels

Kerry Milan - Compline Prayer Settings:
1. "Look Down, O Lord" and "Be present, O Merciful God"
2."O Lord, support us"

Anthony Pither - Deus Meus

Robert Ramskill - Nocturne

Sarah Rodgers - Letter from China

This enjoyable concert provided a showcase for the impressive talents of both the members of the Central Composers Alliance and the Kingfisher Chorale. Choral and keyboard works by 13 composers six of whom have Leicester connections included four world premi res.

The success of the evening was enhanced the Kingfisher s superb presentation of music, that was for the most part new and technically demanding.

The premi res included characteristically sincere and appealing settings of Two Compline Prayers by Kerry Milan, Sonja Grossner s mercurial Syrens, Rosemary Duxbury s evocative and challenging Angel Whisper and Terry Dwyer s captivating Pleasure It Is.

Anthony Pither contributed a haunting setting of Deus Meus and Tarot Conway delightfully flowing Ave Maria.

The direct appeal of Andrew Downes 23rd Psalm and David Fisher s delectable Wedding Motets contrasted well with Raymond Head s austerely beautiful Salve Regina, Peter Crump s heartfelt Hymn to God the Father and Clement Jewitt s Invocations to Archangels.

Julian Hellaby s exemplary keyboard skills were well illustrated in Crump s disconcertingly restless Berceuse, Robert Ramskills s darkly atmospheric Nocturne, Duxbury s enchanting In the Master s Love and Letter from China by Sarah Rogers.

Space denies the opportunity to detailed descriptions of the pieces, suffice to say there wasn t a flop among them and the large audience responded warmly.

Reviewed by Neil Crutchley, Leicester Mercury, 14th October 2003