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Welcome to Central Composers Alliance!

Music from the Heart of England and beyond.

Featuring the work of composers based in
or with connections to the Midlands in the UK.

The aim of our site is to:

  • introduce you to our composers
  • discover new music
  • provide information on concerts and workshops
  • access recordings and archive materials

Whether a fellow composer, performer or just surfing, we hope you will find useful information and many interesting pieces. Hopefully this will inspire you to come to our concerts, access our music, or commission new pieces. For further information or if you wish to become a member please contact us.



2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the CCA which will be celebrated with concerts and workshops throughout the year. Details will appear on this page shortly especially those connected with our 25th anniversary.

Patron: Judith Bingham
President: Andrew Downes
Chairman: David Fisher
Secretary: John Middleton
Treasurer: Kerry Milan

Webmaster: Tarot Conway




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