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Whether a fellow composer, performer or just surfing, we hope you will find useful information and many interesting pieces. Hopefully this will inspire you to come to our concerts, access our music, or commission new pieces. For further information or if you wish to become a member please contact us.



2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the CCA which will be celebrated with concerts and workshops throughout the year. Details will appear on this page shortly especially those connected with our 25th anniversary.

Patron: Judith Bingham
President: Andrew Downes
Chairman: David Fisher
Secretary: John Middleton
Treasurer: Kerry Milan

Webmaster: Tarot Conway




Upcoming Projects and Events

A message from the CCA Chairman, David Fisher:

The Central Composers’ Alliance welcomes you to our site but it is probably obvious to all that all CCA projects which would normally appear on this side of the page have been put into abeyance due to the global pandemic. We are not sure when the opportunities to restore the planned concerts and other activities will occur. We will use this space to update our composers and our visitors so keep revisiting the site and take those opportunities to spend time listening to our music on the website whilst looking for our videos and audio tracks on other platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud.

CCA's main loss this year was our 25th Anniversary Concert which was to be performed by Leicestershire Chorale, conducted by Tom Williams, at St Margaret’s Church, Leicester, on March 28th. Cancelled at a fortnight’s notice it has been a major upset for the choir and the featured composers. The six pieces by CCA members were ready for performance but, with the current restrictions on singing in close proximity still in force, the music to be featured will have to be rescheduled until the 2021-2022 season. This will depend on several other factors but we hope that will be the case.

Leicestershire Chorale itself faces a very limited 2020-2021 season having also cancelled a November performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis. The choir is to be divided into halves and Zoom rehearsals and a cappella singing with social distancing will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Also, a planned Choral Evensong at Leicester Cathedral under the auspices of Director of Music Dr Chris Ouvry-Johns in October 2020 with music for the Girls’ Choir has been shelved. This was to highlight music by three composers with strong Leicester connections in that it was to have featured the world première of Charles Paterson’s Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis and a performance of David Fisher’s The Tiffany Anthem both of which were written especially for this choir. Simon Mold’s setting of the Versicles and Responses would have completed this innovative programme.

Many other plans for the future include a concert for horn trio with sonatas by President Andrew Downes (whose 70th birthday plans have also been much disrupted) and Treasurer Kerry Milan with other works by CCA composers. A November performance of CCA’s Fit for a King variations for wind quintet has been postponed until the same month 2021. It was to be performed to the delegates at AGM of the Federation of Recorded Music Societies. This and all future plans are on hold until a vaccine is found or if the global situation improves beyond what is conceivable at the current time.

So keep in touch with us, listen to our music or write to CCA composers whose emails are available on our comprehensive website. We love to hear from you.

We would also like to welcome new members. If you compose, have your music performed and are keen to have this superb platform for your music then please consider joining the CCA. At a very reasonable annual cost, you too could use our excellent website to promote your music. Do contact us.

Any future updates will be placed here so keep visiting this site and KEEP SAFE.